Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter Storm UPDATE

It looks like it’s going to be a serious weather week coming our way.

I would prepare tomorrow for the potential for a significant winter event for the Midlands and the upstate starting late Monday through early Thursday.

We have two separate systems the will affect us over the next several days. We’ll see every type of winter weather possible the uncertainty still is with the track of the storms and the amount of cold air in place when precipitation begins to fall.

There is no doubt we’ll be under some weather watch/advisory issued either tonight or in the morning.  The 32° line will be above and below Columbia at different times during the next few days…that will determine our weather. The first system comes in Tuesday with the second system on Wednesday.  The system on Wednesday will the strong of the two.

Here are my thoughts as of tonight, with the understanding this can and will change. This outline is for the Midlands (Richland, Lexington, Saluda, Kershaw, Sumter and counties south)

Monday Night After 10PM:

Areas of light rain begins

Tuesday Morning:

Rain mixed with sleet

Tuesday Afternoon:

Periods of Rain

Tuesday Evening:

Rain mixed with sleet

Tuesday Night:

Periods of Rain/Freezing Rain

Wednesday Morning:

Rain/Freezing Rain (Some heavy at times)

Wednesday Night:

Rain/Sleet, Mixed with or changing to snow (accumulation possible)

This is a changing event at times hour by hour.  For the latest please feel free to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Noooooooo, Tim! Tell it to stop! I don't want to make up school days! Lol! It has been a long time friend. Thanks for the weather updates!